jueves, febrero 05, 2009

Fun at the translator's cabin - La divertida cabina de traducción al español

I am here to translate from Spanish into English, I am the only one. Sometimes I also translate from portuguese, which is easy to pick up... and when someone speaks french, I translate from the English translation of a scottish sister. There are three other translators who take turns translating from german into spanish. One is a lady from the Family Federation in Spain, Maria Paz Leiva, the other one a Seminarist from Argentina, Juan Viña, and a Sister from Ecuador, Sr. M. Adriana. It has been great fun to experience all the comments when the microphones are off...
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As helpers we have no say in what is going on at the conference, but we belong to Schoenstatt and we have an emotional link to what is going on... so when someone says something we like we get really happy, and it can be imagined what happens when someone comes up with something that we don't agree with. It's a small cabin but sometimes we are there three or four at the same time, and when discussions are over we comment on what we have heard, and try to 'solve the world', the Schoenstatt world, that is. Well, sometimes we stay there long, and the sister translator comes, opens the door and jokes about our passion for what is going on. The three translators from german are supposed to take turns, but instead, they try to get there early before the meetings begin and take possession of the microphone. They often joke that at some point they will start saying to the microphone what they think, instead of translating properly.

The good thing is that mostly the atmosphere has been very positive and respectful, and they have coincided in most of the ideas. That is a very nice thing considering there are more than a hundred people there. They say it's a Coenaculum.. the Holy Spirit has been continuously present.

The english speaking people are the minority here, but it is not that easy to deal with the different accents from India, US, UK, Scotland etc. There are two fathers from Scotland and England who are extremely funny, so I have a hard time translating while I am laughing.

It's been a great experience so far, tiring but great. Sr Kornelia and Father Mattheus have assembled a great team, everybody is very cooperative and efficient. I am really in awe at these people, the girls, the seminarists, etc. Tomorrow is the last day, we will miss this exciting week and will always remember we were part of something very important in the Movement history.

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