sábado, septiembre 13, 2014

Austin Schoenstatt Shrine Dedication

The day finally came! After so much hard work and preparation, the dedication of the Austin Shrine took place on a rainy and cool day. Texas rain storms rarely last more than half an hour, but this Saturday we had persistent light rain all day, and the first cool day after a long summer. But it was beautiful to see all those people young and old, braving the rain with their plastic poncho
s and umbrellas, participating with love in this Shrine Dedication Bishop Vasquez was the main celebrant and more than 20 priests, concelebrated. He gave a beautiful and warm homily. The most memorable moment was when the Blessed Mother was entered in procession, everybody was really excited, singing and waving their flags. At the end of the Mass, the rain suddenly stopped. The pilgrims started processing to the Shrine which looked absolutely beautiful. The MTA had taken possession of her new home, absolutely beautiful and radiant. As the people kept coming in, one could see their emotion, the smiles and feel the joy. The Shrine felt like as a holy place but at the same time safe as a home. Many of them took selfies with their Mother and Queen. Seguir leyendo el artículo